Da oltre sessant'anni a servizio degli emigrati italiani di Londra

Missione Cattolica Italiana


The programme is taught by qualified, trained instructors from Refection Massage LTD. 
Refection Massage LTD is registered with Company House number 8581619                      
Member of Complementary Therapist Association P63904 Luisa Casti
Member of Complementary Therapist Association P63895 Anthony Mckenzie
Luisa Casti and Anthony Mckenzie are both CRB checked and are qualified in a variety of massage therapies. They are well being coaches, trained in manual handling and have over ten years experience in the special needs field, involving team work with different therapists such as Physiotherapists, OT’s, SLT’s. They both hold a First Aid certificate and a Makaton level two certificate (sign language). Anthony is also a qualified martial arts instructor.


•      Massage taster days in a variety of London boroughs inclusive at the MCI 
•      Massage days for the SGV cancer charity in the borough of Haringey
•      Massage days for Enfield Community Access, Childcare and Early Years schools.
•      Delivered Massage session and signing workshops for school members of staff.
•      Exhibitors at the Camexpo London National therapies 
•      Private Massage treatments   
 Programme content, date and times
It is a programme of group work or one to one relaxation techniques for use with adults and young people of all ages. The simple, adaptable and effective programmes are based on a concept of respect and choice and they can be adapted according to individual needs.   (independent or wheelchair users). 
•       Basic awareness of body Anatomy and Physiology.
•       A wide range of 20 minutes massage sessions that run every first Saturday of each month at the Missione Cattolica Italiana from 9.30 am till 13.00 pm (back massage performed with individuals fully clothed, feet massage, Indian head massage, foot spas and a taster on hot stones therapy).
•       Gentle exercises sessions every Friday from 17.15 pm till 18.15 pm performed with gentle movement techniques that focus on breathing, posture, gentle opening and
stretching of muscles and joints. (Soft music is normally used in order to induce relaxation, loose comfortable clothing and appropriated footwear is advisable to facilitate techniques and promote full performance as well as a safety measure.

Aims of the well-being programme 

Whilst exercising or having a massage the brain releases chemicals called endorphins which help to block pain. Serotonin, oxytocin and melatonin hormones are also released which are linked to positive
moods and relaxation. By providing well-being programmes at the Missione Cattolica
Italiana we believe that we would: 
•      Promote family and community bonding through interactive sessions
•      Promote individual self esteem and confidence 
•      Provide equal opportunities and healthier life styles for all
•      Help stimulate all body systems
•      Aid the release of tension and stress as well as help prevent aches and pain
•      Promote physical and psychological well being in a welcoming safe environment                  

Benefits of massage and exercise 

In order to maintain a healthy body it is important to live a healthy lifestyle, have a good diet, be happy
and exercise regularly. Massages compliment all these perfectly and bring balance to the body and mind.

Per poter continuare a svolgere il suo servizio, la Missione Cattolica Italiana ha bisogno del sostegno di tutti coloro che riconoscono e apprezzano il servizio che essa sta svolgendo da oltre sessant'anni a beneficio degli Emigrati Italiani.

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